Today I found out what my ” cheat day ” B-hcg level at 10dp5dt was. My DH and I had a bet. he said 449 and I said 550. Whoever is the closest buys dinner. It was at 736. Technically, Im the winner but both of us had far values… Tomorrow is my check up with the RE and another set of exams. So I get to find out another B-hcg level. Yey! Continue reading

The Vague continues…

Okay, the truth is I was falling asleep with my last blog post. Anyway here is the continuation…The RE calmly stared at us with a cryptic smile and says,¬†It’s a good level. I glanced at the result bhcg – 147.7 ¬†estrogen 440.4 ¬†progesterone (diluted) 51.69 at 7dp5dt. I looked at my DH and he still had the same face as he had before we went in. I didn’t know how to react so I just breathed out of relief. Then he explained that I had to come back on sunday to check if it doubled and he made me continue my progesterone and estrogen pills while taking away the suppositories.¬†Yey.¬†Its funny how you have a million questions in mind and when its the time to ask them your mind goes completely blank.¬†(start cue bird sounds)¬†

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This is it!

The Past After my last checkup with the RE, he said if I don’t make >10 ng/ml progesterone the FET would be cancelled. That was a saturday and I only had 3 days to make a 4.51 progesterone level rise! He said to take my Duphaston 10mg / tab 3x day and take it easy… Easy for him to say, when everything in me is wanting to burst out!.

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Way too early!

I am speechless. Everything was in chaos. it started yesterday when I went to my scheduled RE consult with labs and scan before they do the FET next week. It was my 12d and I knew something was wrong when he started asking me questions if I had any right sided pains for the last couple of days. Shoot. I did remember having a stabbing pain which I thought was my gastritis acting up again. i also noticed that big follicle on my right that was there on day 2 but now looked like a shriveled prune. Houston, we have a problem. I already knew what they were thinking, even before he told me. I ovulated on my day 10. Apparently I did not know I had short cycles. Maybe it was the effect of the bcp they made me take after egg retrieval or because I was recently on antibiotics for tonsillitis. There was only two options now, either the cycle would be cancelled or they would go through and see how it goes. DH was at home and I was a nervous wreck while waiting for my turn with the RE. It was a weekend and the place was full as Starbucks on lunch break. They called my number and the RE told me what I already knew. He said we could still push thru with the FET if my progesterone level was an 11 by sept 23, if it didn’t make the cut off I would have to wait till next cycle. My estradiol was 91.3 pg./ml i don’t know if thats a good number. The only thing he gave me was duphaston tablets to be taken orally 3x day and told me to come back on my 15dpo…I left the clinic stunned. Just wanted to know if anyone had low progesterone levels before FET? He said my endometrial lining was good at 11mm. Ah I’m 48 hrs before my transfer and have to rearrange and cancel my whole work schedule. I just hope no one gets too upset with cancellations . Sigh. Let the games begin.


The THROAT hurts!

I was in denial. I am not sick. Everyone at work was getting flu with some kind of cold, or cough and even my work partner got some rash over his face and body. So, here I am trying NOT to get sick with the workplace covered with a V-I-R-U-S infecting the respiratory system…HELPPPP! I had no choice but to work because my colleague was on leave and had to get his work load. It would be okay if I wasn’t just 12 days away from my embryo implantation! I was already feeling throat pains while talking and swallowing.
I started taking lozenges and started injecting vitamin c and gluthathione ( my RE said it was okay) for its antioxidant properties and to boost my immune system. But after 5 days of trying, I still had throat pains and now seing white spots on my tonsils…I decided to throw in the towel and take antibiotics….( bummer) I just hope I get well in time for the implantation and rid myself of the antibiotics my body is taking for tonsillitis…Wish me luck!

An ouchy encounter

I dislike needles. I don’t hate them. In fact I am very good with handling them. I draw blood and inject 90
% of the time. I just don’t like them in me. I decided to try acupunture today because I read the reviews were good and I was very curious about the procedure. I found one near my place and scheduled an appointment. As I entered the place, I noticed there was a lot of old people ( which was understandable ) probably getting treatment for chronic pains etc. Then my name was called and I was showed into a room with a comfy but sturdy bed. The lady doctor came, I told her what I needed and mentioned I was going through an IVF cycle, she asked a bunch of questions then later gave her diagnosis. She said I have a weak pulse that I’m stressed and they need to strengthen my pulse and muscles. She also recommended I sleep before 11pm and to eat more veggies. ( oops, there goes our late night movies ) So she explained it would take only 20 mins and she would leave the needles and there would be some heaviness. Well, she started with the arms which was ok but when she got to the legs and feet,….OUCH! Like there was this rock on my legs . It was a nice experience and I tried not to move because the sensation was spreading more ! She told me to come back in a week and I am positively returning for more… Bring it on!!!